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Interior Verandas Blinds

Haute couture to adjust shapes

The roofs of verandas and old-fashioned glass roofs often have glazing with complex shapes, which are difficult to dress.


Aluminum Créations offers exclusive and always tailor-made solutions.

Stores Vérandas

Roof exterior blinds


Store Zerogradi Zip

Zerogradi is the awning with box. Side slides in canvas and traction. Ideal for glass or polycarbonate covers on verandas, skylights and pergolas. The traction of the canvas is constant. thanks to gas springs located inside the side slides and Dyneema (r) rope references

As standard, the awning is fitted with a motorized control. All visible components are in powder coated aluminum and stainless steel screws.

Stores Zerogradi

Top fix & Top fix Max awnings


Topfix® is a horizontal sun protection screen with a revolutionary tension technique, which combines the renowned Fixscreen® technology with a Dyneema tension system. This makes it possible to obtain an unequaled tension of the fabric. No more canvases slamming and tearing! The compact box dimensions allow perfect integration into your architecture. This horizontal sun protection protects against heat for all horizontal or inclined glazing such as skylights, roof frames and small verandas. In combination with a blackout fabric, it also allows complete blackout for interior and exterior applications.

Topfix® Max

The first horizontal sun protection, with Fixscreen® technology, suitable for very large areas. The integrated tension technique enables unrivaled fabric tension to be achieved. No more canvases slamming and tearing! This horizontal sun protection provides heat protection for large skylights, large roof frames and verandas. In combination with a blackout fabric, it allows complete blackout for interior and exterior applications up to 25m2

Stores Top fix & Top fix Max

Panovista blinds &

Panovista Max

Integrated solution for corner windows

Panovista is a sun protection blind for corner windows without the visible presence of cables or aluminum profiles in the corner.

Both sides of the system can be rolled up and unrolled simultaneously allowing you to achieve perfect shading of your living or working space without losing sight of the panorama around the building.

This solution is integrated almost invisibly into the architecture of the building. The box and runners can be aesthetically concealed and even the load bar disappears in the box if the awning is fully rolled up.

Stores Panovista