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AC Aluminum Création SA Because your project
is unique 


Our philosophy is not to do like the others, to always move forward, to be inventive and to prepare for the future because the profession is constantly changing and evolving.

All our achievements are truly tailor-made, made with a choice of high-performance materials, which ensures the sustainability of your living space and brings unquestionable added value to your heritage.

Passion and enthusiasm are at the heart of our business. Developing, studying and designing with you the living space of your dreams is to bring you our expertise and know-how, but also our love of beautiful things. We do everything we can to listen to you and create a special relationship with you.

Our goal is that your living space becomes your favorite room, the one where you will now spend most of your time.


Created from exclusive aluminum profiles that adapt to both old-fashioned designs and contemporary style models, AC Aluminum Créations designs combine charm and elegance with current requirements for insulation and reliability.

Since the creation of the company in Le Locle in 1991, and more than 1300 achievements, what a long way !

Vérandas Victorian line

Swiss Made

Since mid 2012, we can boast of the true label <Suiss made> Not only your part is manufactured in our workshop in Yverdons-les-Bains, but also the profiles (range of aluminum used to build it) have been fully developed. for our care.

The greenscreen range

We called this range “GReeNSCReeN” because we wanted to have our own range, which is both the thinnest and the most insulating possible.

The central seal, the quality of the thermal insulation strips and the extremely precise adjustments ensure a thermal protection unmatched until now in conservatory construction.

This range has been fully developed, taking into account our 20 years of experience, in order to overcome all the problems encountered with the ranges on the market previously worked on.

The potential of aluminum

Aluminum Créations has succeeded in fully highlighting the full potential of aluminum and eliminating all of its drawbacks.

Aluminum is an extremely resistant material capable of effectively protecting against bad weather and aging.

The surfaces are easy to clean, do not warp and maintain thermal insulation properties consistently.

This GreeNSCReeN range also allows us to manufacture windows, doors, shop windows as well as bay windows.

Our expertise


  • Design-Build

  • Programming

  • Estimate and budget


  • Quality control

  • Security management

  • Site management


  • Occupancy certificate

  • Documentation conforming to the original

  • Guarantee

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