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FULLSCReeN Line verandas

Contemporary trend

FULLSCReeN line is a real extension of the home which is part of the trend of contemporary architecture.

Characterized by a flat roof that can be embellished with a canopy or glazed flat glazing.

The roof protrusion makes it possible to integrate blinds with vertical descent or projection. The facades are made with minimalist sliding, or glued glazing

From the inside, there is an almost uninterrupted view to the outside, hence the name "FULLSCReeN"

We should add that this type of construction has excellent energy values that meet the strictest standards for passive houses.

Fullscreen véranda

Une autre réalisation FullScreen​ line Véranda

Une nouvelle réalisation FullScreen​ Line Véranda

Kube line verandas

Creativity & integration

Real residential extensions, most often with 1 to 2 solid facades, made of walls
prefabricated and insulated, with interior & exterior finishes to choose from.

The glass facades can be equipped with lifting slides, minimalist slides,
in glued glazing or with striking sashes from our own “GReeNSCReeN” range.


These extensions are always made with a flat roof, they can be "green" or be used as a terrace, be flush or protruding and accommodate external solar protection.

Solid facades can be dressed with wooden cladding, aluminum cladding,
by plastering, by cassette sheet metal or glued sheet metal.

Vérandas Kube L