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For sale Used banne store

For sale


Nodo" awning with an overhang of 2,950 x 2,500 mm.

The box is made up of 2 extruded aluminium parts to form a rectangular parallelepiped measuring 172 x 290 mm when closed, with a drop bar acting as a gutter.

Articulated arms with straps and powerful springs for perfect tensioning of the fabric.

The inclination of the arms can vary from 0 to 90° in relation to the support point.

Edge 75 arms are fixed to the side panels, which rotate with the box.

Motorised control via iO system, including Hirschmann plug and wind sensor.

(The iO system is compatible with home automation systems, subject to 1 specific interface).

Polyester fabric with welded and unsewn seams, according to supplier's collection.

Grey and white striped fabric colour 242.

Enclosure powder-coated in RAL 9007 aluminium (sand grey).


To be collected from Yverdon-les-Bains, Rue du Châtelard 18.


Price: Chf 2,900 excluding VAT

Additional assembly, if requested

For sale 2 x Blinds as new

2 second-hand awnings as good as new (in place at the customer's premises for 1 year).

DIM250 awnings.

Width: 3,590 mm

Overhang: 2,500 mm

Frame colour: RAL 9016 White, Satin finish

Motor type: SUNILUS iO 40/17


Colour: 314 003

Pick up in Yverdon-les-Bains, Rue du Châtelard 18.


Price : Chf 1'100./each (excl. VAT)

Additional assembly, if requested

Offer to be seized!

Magnificent second-hand veranda of approx. 19 m2 for sale, in excellent condition.

For further information (price and visit), please contact us on 058 206 0 206 or

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